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Welcome to Mexico!

Welcome to the official site OCEANUS, find information here on our tours and services. If you like come and enjoy the fun, bring your family or friends, or just come and make new friends and enjoy a great experience.

We are located in Cabo San Lucas, sailed from here to enjoy the sun and the waters of Baja California Sur, only at the end of the "peninsula" find a place so magical, where the seas meet around a beautiful and famous Arch, where sea ​​lions play and seas fall in love, the beach that runs the fury of the Pacific and the peace of the Cortez, visited this place twice a day.

OCEANUS is a party boat 70 feet long, reinforced by the strength of two engines, has all the safety on board, we have life jackets, fire extinguishers, paramedic, light plants, radios, cell phones, GPS, Radar, Deep finder, captain certified mechanical engineer on board fishing boats, safety, as a bonus we have services for your comfort and stairs in and out of water, 4 bathrooms, snorkel equipment, life jackets for swimming and snorkeling, Mini Subs, Kayaks, open Bar, Waiters, Music, and bilingual guide.